Biography: Bishop Lawrence L. Kirby

Bishop Lawrence L. Kirby

Bishop Lawrence L. Kirby is a native of Atwood, TN, graduating from Atwood High School. After graduation, Pastor Kirby attended American Baptist College in Nashville, TN, earning a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in Bible and Theology; Scarritt College in Nashville, TN earning a M.A. (Master of Arts) in Evangelism; Memphis Theological Seminary in Memphis, TN, earning a M. Div. (Masters of Divinity); and Trinity Evangelical School in Deerfield, IL, where he is furthered his studies in the Doctorate in Ministry (D. Ministry) program. He was consecrated Bishop of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church on September 28, 2002.

He has pastored churches in Aberdeen, MS (Pilgrim Rest Baptist) and Milan, Tennessee (New Hope Baptist). For the past 38 years, since June of 1981, he has served as Senior Pastor of Wisconsin’s oldest registered predominantly African-American Church, St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Racine, Wisconsin, organized in March of 1857.

Since Bishop has been in Racine, the St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church has grown to be one of the largest and most progressive churches in Wisconsin. Under his leadership, they have built a sanctuary, a Senior Citizen Housing Complex, and a Multi-purpose garage (housing four coach buses, three church vans, and equipment). They have also operated and run during his tenure a Day Care facility, The Hope House (a boy’s group home), The Miracle Center (an event venue/center), The Mercy House (for food and clothing) and a 44,000 square foot school that houses Racine Head Start Program.

Currently, Bishop Kirby is a lecturer in the National Congress of Christian Education, an auxiliary of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc, and a member of the Executive Board of the eight-million-member organization. He has served in the State Convention as Vice President-at-large for three terms. His travels have taken him throughout the world to more than forty (40) countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America and throughout the Caribbean. He is often called upon as a guest preacher, evangelist, lecturer and teacher.
He is married to the former Dr. Reneé Marie Sartin (June 30, 1979), and they have two children: Minister Lawrence L. Kirby II (Chandrika); Charisse Marie Kirby, and three grandchildren (Kennedy, Marley and Reggie), and one great-grandchild (Riley Jay Kirby).

Accomplishments include:
1. Led approximately 3600 souls to Christ who have come to the church through Christian Experience, baptism or rededication. Many are still here while some have gone to other churches in Racine. Many have been trained and have moved across the country. He has encouraged more than 400 college students. They have been assisted through prayer and/or financial assistance.
2. Preached an average of 50 weeks a year for a total of 5000 sermons.
3. Taught Bible Study for a total of 4000 Bible Study classes.
4. Preached approximately 600 funerals.
5. Blessed and dedicated numerous infants to Christ.
6. Performed approximately 350 weddings.
7. He has been blessed by God entrusted to train and nurture His preachers. He has licensed trained, discipled and/or ordained 70 or more ministers.
8. Preached more than 600 Revivals and has lectured and led thousands to Christ across America and around the World.
9. Hiring of the Church Staff and formalizing the everyday ministry.
10. Started numerous ministries (some are still in existence):
 Adjutant & Armor Bearer Ministry
 AGAPE Soul Food Ministry
 Audio/Visual Ministry
 Benevolent Fund Ministry
 Brother-to-Brother Ministry
 Children’s Ministry
 Christian Education Ministry
 Couples Ministry
 Craft and Nutrition Ministry
 Email and Newsletter Ministry
 Evangelism Outreach Ministry
 First Friends & New Members Ministry
 Godparents Ministry (GodFathers/GodMothers)
 Good Samaritan Ministry
 Harvest Outreach Ministry
 Home & Foreign Mission Ministry
 Housing Ministry
 Jail & Prison Ministry
 Mercy House Ministry
 Ministry to Armed Services Personnel
 Ministry to College Students
 Miracle Center Ministry
 Missionary Society Ministry
 Music Department Ministry
 Nurse’s Guild Ministry
 Operation 2000 (Family Life Center & The Hope Academy)
 Pastor Helper’s Ministry
 Praise Dance Ministry
 Prayer Chain Ministry
 Preaching Ministry
 Public Relations & Marketing Ministry
 RAP (Rebound Alternative Program, Re-Entry Program)
 Real Talk Ministry (for Ex-Offenders)
 Revival Ministry
 Scholarship and Education Ministry
 Security Ministry
 Senior Ministry
 Single’s Ministry
 Sister-to-Sister Ministry
 Teaching Ministry
 Transportation Ministry
 Women’s Fellowship Ministry
 Young Adults Ministry
 Youth Department Ministry
11. Instrumental in the building of the following:
 1986 – The building and dedication of the New Sanctuary and church.
 1986 – The opening of the Mercy House. The Mercy House has served approximately 8000 families.
 1987 – The Renovation and rededication of the J. B. Bailey Educational Center
 1987 – The opening of St. Paul Child Development Center
 1991 – The opening of St. Paul Garden Apartments
 1995 – The completion of the Multi-purpose Garage
 2000 – The purchase of the Miracle Center and Banquet Hall
 2005 – The purchase of the Family Life Center
 2005 – Hope House Boys Group Home
12. He is the founder, president and presiding prelate of F.O.C.C.U.S. (Fellowship of Christian Churches United in Service) International Fellowship.
13. He is also founder of:
 St. Paul Child Development Center
 St. Paul Housing Development Corporation
 The Good Samaritan Inc. Charities
 St. Paul Community & Economic Development Corporation
 Truce International (The Organization for the Violence No More Initiative)
 The Godfather/Godson Club of Racine
 Founding member of the National Godfathers/Godmothers Incorporation
 Early Childhood Development Scholarship Program
 Excel – Youth Outreach
 STANZ Program at Winslow Elementary School
 The Youth Employment Program
 L. L. Kirby Overcoming Ministries

14. His Board of Directors’ seats and other committee appointments include:
 Board of Directors of the Racine United Way
 Board of Directors of the National Baptist Convention
 Probation and Parole of Southeastern Wisconsin
 Board of Trustees of American Baptist College, Nashville, TN
 The International Commission of Global Peace and Non-Violence